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KRANE in Concert:
27.05.2006 Sargfabrik, Wien

KRANE in Concert:
04.02.2006 Nexus, Saalfelden

KRANE in Concert:
07.01.2006 Arge, Salzburg
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KRANE on Screen:
15.11.2005 Filmcasino, Vienna
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KRANE in Concert:
16.11.2005 Rhiz, Vienna
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8.11.2005, Wiener Planungswerksatt; Vienna
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29.11.2005, Cord; Munich

29.09.2005, Hannahs Plan; Vienna

27.05.2005, Latex; Cairo
31.05.2005, Ka3b 3ail, Cairo

22.05.2005, Ludwig; Munich

08.03.2005, Cord; Munich


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